Ebola Update from the MOHS as at June 30, 2014




Ebola Update from the MOHS as at June 30, 2014

• For the 29th June 2014, a total of 8 samples were received by the Laboratory: Kenema (3), Kailahun (3), Bombali (1) and Western Area (1). Five (5) of the 8 samples are positive for Ebola (3 Kenema & 2 Kailahun). The remaining 3 samples are negative. Kenema and Kailahun are the only districts with laboratory confirmed Ebola cases in the country


• Three (3) of the 9 samples Laboratory pending results yesterday are now positive for Ebola, while 3 are negative and 3 still pending


• The cumulative number of cases tested is 388, with 199 laboratory confirmed for Ebola and 65 confirmed deaths


• Forty-nine (49) cases are currently admitted at the treatment centers, Kenema (43) and Kailahun (6)


• The cumulative number of cases discharged is 23


• Line listing of contacts and monitoring of case contacts continues in districts with confirmed cases


• Mercury International and the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone donated 100 million Leones to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation as their contribution toward the fight against the Ebola Viral Disease


• Two more experts in Infectious diseases control have arrived in the country with the help World Health Organization (WHO) to build capacity of local health workers in case management, labs and surveillance. These two experts will also focus on helping the Ministry establish treatment centers in other districts, as well as strengthen the observations units that have already been established in districts across the country.

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