Ministry of Health and Sanitation Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Press Release 17/8/2014

Ebola outbreak update: As of today, 17August 2014, we have a total of 215 patients who have survived Ebola Virus Disease and subsequently discharged. The total number of new confirmed cases for today is 18: Kailahun 12, Kenema 4 and Western Area 2.

The figures recorded for Kailahun are cumulative for the 14, 15 and 16th August, 2014

The total cumulative number of confirmed death is 297 and cumulative number of confirmed cases is 775 with Kailahun 401, Kenema 277; Kono 1; Kambia 1; Bombali 7; Tonkolili 2; Port Loko 28; Pujehun 3; Bo 24; Moyamba 6; Bonthe 1; Western Area Urban 20; Western Area Rural 4. As of today, Koinadugu district is the only district that has not registered confirmed cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone

The cumulative number of probable cases is 34 and probable deaths 34 while the total cumulative number of suspected cases is 39 and suspected deaths is 5

Ebola Viral Disease Situation Report – Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone
For more information please contact – District Health Management Team at District level
National level – Directorate of Disease Prevention and Control:
Mobile:- +23276913000

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